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“Soccer For All! 

Whether it’s your first kick or playing at the highest skill level, we have a coach and program you can fit into.”


The Celebration Soccer Club was conceived in 2015 to unite Celebration residents to play in an organized soccer league while providing residents with a safe, respectful, and healthy environment to play soccer. In 2018, the Club began formal operations at the Celebration Community Fields Complex at 319 Campus Street. The Celebration Soccer Club presently operates seven days a week offering various programs to both adults and youth of all skill levels.


The Celebration Soccer Club prides itself on providing soccer opportunities for all in a meticulously organized manner. The Club ensures a high-quality experience for residents by engaging top-tier professionals and offering premium equipment, while also actively contributing to charitable causes. Each year, the Celebration Soccer Club’s fundraising efforts significantly impact initiatives such as breast cancer research, providing soccer shoes for children in underserved communities, and aiding hurricane relief programs. The Celebration Soccer Club has donated uniforms and soccer balls to the Celebration K-8 and high school soccer teams and programs for many seasons.


The Celebration Soccer Club offers soccer opportunities at both recreational and competitive levels, ensuring a comprehensive experience for all players. With a team of knowledgeable staff and coaches holding U.S. Soccer licenses, players receive top-notch guidance and instruction in a pleasant, healthy, and well-structured environment.


The purpose of creating the Club’s program was to meet the needs of the Celebration residents, drawing on a shared commitment and passion for soccer to enhance the community’s experience. Maintaining a familial atmosphere is paramount, with most staff hailing from Celebration, thereby fostering a sense of unity and belonging among the players and families. The Club is designed for players ages two and up to enjoy soccer in Celebration.


Some of the Celebration Soccer Club programs: Celebration Cup, Tournaments and Leagues, Celebration Youth Soccer League, Soccer Palooza, Orlando City Soccer School, Celebration Soccer Stars, Celebration Travel Team, Adult Leagues (all setups), Coed Pickups, Over 40 League, Family Soccer, Moms and daughters (ladies only), Pride Soccer; Spring, Fall and Winter Leagues, Parades, Summer Camps, Coaching Education, etc. All were created by Celebration residents and for Celebration Residents and their guests. 


The Celebration Soccer Club actively engages in community events and demonstrates its dedication to community involvement and support. Registration for seasons, pickups, tournaments, and other events is conveniently accessible through the club’s website, ensuring seamless participation for players. Additionally, the Club welcomes donations of soccer shoes and shin guards to facilitate participation and growth within the program.


Driven by a commitment to continual improvement, the Celebration Soccer Club strives to remain current with global sports organizations, ensuring that the club’s offerings evolve while maintaining high standards. Challenges, such as field issues due to weather, are met with resilience and teamwork, underscoring the Club’s dedication to overcoming obstacles alongside its community members. As the Celebration Soccer Club continues to expand and evolve, new community involvement and growth opportunities emerge. With an unwavering dedication to excellence and a collaborative spirit, the Club looks forward to facing future challenges and achievements with its valued residents.


The Celebration Soccer Club is a year-round soccer program, so Adults and Youth can choose when they want to play throughout the year, seven days a week. The Celebration Soccer Club provides affordable and accessible programs (CROA ID) to the town of Celebration. Membership fees, donations, and sponsors help offset the cost of field rentals and equipment needed to provide all programs. The Club is always open to volunteer support for their soccer programs and events. It is always appreciated. 


The Celebration Soccer Club’s mission is to provide Celebration residents with soccer in a safe, respectful, and healthy environment, “All smiles on the fields”. We are here to serve, and as Marco loves to say, “See you on the pitch!”

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